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Taking time for yourself and your body is so easily overlooked in our society, which is even more reason to prioritise it. 

I work to reconnect you to your body, to bring awareness and balance back to how you move and use it, so you are free to get on with getting the most out of it. I work to find and treat the cause of your symptoms – going beyond just treating the sore bit. 

When you find your therapist, therapy works even better. When I know you, and you know me treatment gets better more effective. 

Love the sessions with Sarah in beautiful surroundings. They are friendly and fun and she caters for all abilities, young and old. They are the highlight of my week.”

Attending yoga sessions with Sarah is a total joy. Her friendly and fun demeanour comes across as she teaches what she is so passionate about. She has so much knowledge about health, well-being and the human body you can take her any problem to solve!

Sarah discovered that my knee pain was coming from my feet. Through a combination of massage, exercises and self-cues she has managed to introduce some much needed flex back into both of my feet. My knee doesn’t hurt anymore and my skiing performance has greatly improved.

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