SUP Yoga

Yep – Yoga on a paddle board!

Wondering if SUP yoga is for you here are my five top reasons that it is:

  1. Sup Yoga keeps you in the present – no choice but to be fully in the moment when it comes to practising yoga on a floating mat. 
  2. A greater sense of mindfulness- Staying focused and Paying attention to your breath and your movement is key to keeping your balance.
  3. A greater connection to nature – Floating on the water and listening to the birds in the trees. Maybe even feeling the rain on your face if your lucky.
  4. You don’t need to be an advanced yogi – less is more, simple yoga poses are all you need, and for those that are advanced yogis it brings a while new perspective to your practice. 
  5. Slow down – the pace of Yoga on a paddle board is much slower – so you can pay attention to the way you move and not just rush from one pose to the next. 

You don’t need any prior practice of Yoga or Paddle Boarding to have an awesome experience of Paddle Board Yoga. 

I run a regular weekly class from Spring to Autumn, private 1:1’s and private groups.


Please get in contact for prices and booking

Love the sessions with Sarah in beautiful surroundings. They are friendly and fun and she caters for all abilities, young and old. They are the highlight of my week!